Dynamic Duos tomorrow?

Y’all think we’ll get duos tomorrow as it seems 2k is wrapping it up

Opal Ja and Opal JJJ :crossed_fingers:


I hope so but I doubt it I think maybe one more week because you know 2k just really needs that money

Isaac and Bamba👀


I’ve been campaigning for PD LeBron and Opal Wade lol


They better have packs with MT lol

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I really think that’s gon happen bro

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I grabbed 5 lebron under 13k waiting for this lol


goat kobe and goat shaq

considering jokic’s opal can play pg and bol’s can play sf i dont doubt they get a duo tomorrow

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Possibly.


Or MPJ and either Bol Bol or Jokic

Part of me thinks we just got our final non-pack related “free” content today.

This is exactly why I’ve decided to wait out for tomorrows release to redeem token market players. I’ll cop 3 players and it’s probably gonna be Arenas, Bol Bol and Bamba.

But I can see some duos happening here:

JJJ + Ja Morant
Cam Reddish + John Collins
Arenas + Nick Young
Bol Bol + Jokic

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I only care about a potential Isaac & Bamba duo. :eyes:

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don’t get arenas he’s not very good.
although if u want to have fun with ur favourite irl players then u can get him

gimme Tatum/Brown, Mchale/Goat Bird and Goat Shaq/Goat Kobe

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I hope not, I want a Opal Westbrook to release so I can pair him up with OOP2 KD.

It’s kinda annoying though that 2k has made some of the best players best cards oop so we can’t make squad builders

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Fr😭, I wanted to run a starting lineup with KD, Harden, and Russ, but 2k made KD a PG instead of making him a 2 and making his secondary a 3.