Dwight or Patrick ewing? Who's side are u on? 2kG great debates

It’s all about your opinion man… we are spoon feeding you the info about all these beasts, it’s now up to you to make the decision.
It’s always nice to have a shooting big so Gasol would probably be a keeper for me, but ultimately it’s your choice who to keep/sell

Kat has 94 block. His defense isn’t ass…

Trust me my brotha! He is the TRUTH.

@MrBlunty I thought u preferred Dwight?

Get both.

They compliment eachother well. You can even play them together.

Shooting, better post game. Hes in that Hakeem kinda mold, Dwights more of a Shaq/Kareem. I guess it comes down to preference

KAT is a cheat code.

Best stretch 5 in game for me.

Dwight and ewing? I may end up doing that but first want to buy Dwight and it depends on if ewing is better than whoever I keep out of Marc and wilt @MrBlunty

Dwight’s a beast, loved him in 2k17 but Ewing is top 3 behind the 2 'eems

You must be forgetting about Brook Lopez my good sir…

No Dwight and KAT = goated.

@MrBlunty its my choice, not trying to sound mean

Nope KAT shits on brooky.

You are mistaken

@BodySZN I agree with having one shooting center. But have u used either wilt or Marc? Who do u think is better?

I got you. Im just saying if you want advice for a center. You must try KAT. He’s truly amazing.

He’s pretty cheap. Just try him out.

Marc is a scrub compared to KAT.

@508G37 I may end up getting him too depending on if he’s better than who ever I keep out of wilt/Marc but Thx for the advice

@MrBlunty I dont like kats slow release

?? Its literally faster than any Center you listed here.

2x faster than Marc slow ass release!

If u get Dwight, you need a stretch 4 with him. someone like AD or Blake

@MrBlunty @508G37 @BodySZN so whats the consensus here? I know @BodySZN said to have 1 shooting center and keep marc but what about the two of u?