Dwight or Patrick ewing? Who's side are u on? 2kG great debates

Who’s the better center? The things Patrick has on his side are height, post fade, better playmaker, midrange and 3, free throw and reaction.
What Dwight has on his side is driving layup, all dunking, post hook, speed, accel, vertical, hustle, lateral quickness, steal, block and hof badges.
I think im leaning towards Dwight but want to hear ur guys opinion.
Another question of mine is if who I should sell for Dwight/ewing? Or should I sell both wilt and marc and buy Dwight/ewing or should I make that another thread?
Disclaimer: I dont need my centers to shoot

If you don’t need them to shoot, Dwight is wonderful in defense and can switch to anyone, plus his little floater/hook has won me a few games!

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@DEG can u answer my second question?

It all really depends how you play

Freelances, called plays?

Do you work in the post more than the perimeter

How is this even a debate?
Dwight in 4 games

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@DEG I run 4out 1in I spend equal time on the perimeter and paint. So who should I sell for Dwight? Wilt or Marc? who’s the better player?

@BodySZN who should I sell for him? Wilt or Marc gasol? who’s the better of the 2?

Ralph Sampson is da wae.

Can’t teach 7’4 folks.

@MrBlunty he’s out of my price range but Dwight or ewing?

Ewing. all around beast.

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Go buy Dwight right freaking now unless you absolutely need a center with a 3 ball.

@508G37 what makes him better than Dwight? Whats ur reasoning?

Dwight is stupid nice if you don’t care at all about shooting. He’s faster than most guards and can throw it down on just about anybody.
He plays best at the 1 though

@MrBlunty waiting for whats happening tomorrow. Who should I sell for him wilt or Marc?


Its simple. Ewing can shoot a bit more and is better in traditional post moves.

Dwight has INSANE athleticism and nasty defending 1-5.

@BodySZN who should I sell for him wilt or Marc gasol?

Sell Marc get KAT.

He’s a GOAT. He actually pops to the 3 point line from where he doesn’t miss, has weirdly OP defense and can rebound with the best of them.

10x better than marc for me.

@BodySZN why wilt over Marc? Just want to know

@MrBlunty fr tho who should I sell for him. And im not buying Kat his defense is ass