Dwight Howard

Last night I made the great choice of locking up a million mt.
For me personally the only 2 centers that would take a spot over this card first and foremost are opal Shaq and opal embiid so I have a while until they come out

First impression is that speed kills… this card you can just run by any center and dunk… all game… and keep abusing it… he feels like using d wade running by other players and getting an easy two points

I don’t feel shambles at all, gay, rose, tmac, pg24 all have spots on my team for a while, even if I evo chambers he would have a spot on the team


Incoming shambles


happy that you like dwight!

but it’s too early to say that you don’t have shambles since it has an average an incubation period of 1 week


I see people using only opal Eaton and none of the PDs in that set.

The first sign of shambles is making a post about how you’re not in shambles


Opal eaton can’t contend with this Dwight, he’s too slow

It’s just the point. Everyone said the same thing about that set and here we are. You’ll hate Chambers when he bricks open shots even with a good 3pt rating and badges

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I’ll be in shambles hopefully in June if they come out with a playoff pd Dwight, I think I can get over it by then tho lol


I got a while until I use chambers anyways I’ll just buy the pd when he’s cheap, but tmac wasn’t in that set for eaton, honestly my favorite card out of the set right now is Rudy other than Dwight

I can’t lock…2K got me like…



Kareem/Ewing/Hakeem coming next week lol,


Ewing with HOF quickdraw would be a complete god

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Yeah, I mean to be fair I’m running Amy Shaq still as my backup center over Mosas so I can for sure use a backup center

I have Ray Allen. I don’t use him though.

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So did you lock yet?

Using the players you like instead of the best cards available is shambles proof.

How are his dribble animations, can he change directions or is he just a straight line driver?



I agree except when it comes to locking MT only because its permanent. If you’re a die hard Dwight fan (never heard of one) then go ahead. I’d do the same for KG or Bird


Got no chill🤣

I would do it for certain players myself, but would still feel the shambles of FOMO when I don’t have any MT for the next drop. Lol