Dwight Howard to Nets

Timofey to Hornets

I wonder when he’ll go to CSKA lol.


But what is the point of doing that? I mean Howard still way better than Mozgov

Less money but less pressure and chance to be a god in Euroleague.

Oh they also get draft picks

But 2nd round picks

This has to mean Kemba is on the block as well and close to being traded. Hornets blowing it up.

Gilbert Arenas was a second round pick…ijs.

Hornets wanted to avoid luxury tax, thats it.

Clears up 2 max spots ($65) mill for nets

Hornets has just bad management. Good players are not interested in going there. They haven’t really had many good picks which means they don’t have good scouting either. I don’t even know if blowing the team up helps them in any way. Only if they get lucky and stumble upon someone who will become good. Pure lottery. There’s just no reason to keep a big contract veteran player, they’re better off trying to develop something. I believe Kemba wants out, even if the Hornets want to keep their main draw and their “own” player.

the tank is rolling

I guess Mitch Kupchak really wanted to reunite with his 64 million dollar franchise center


Draymond Green, Isaiah Thomas, Gino too

But let’s be real, most of the second round players never really shined

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Remember when Dwight wanted to be a Net back in his Orlando days? Finally the Dwight has came back!

Why are Nets taking Dwight when they have Allen developing at C?

Mozgov has an extra year on his deal, they’re cutting salary (year wise) and getting better player. They’re going to have insane amount of money next year, hence they want to be better this year to attract some FA’s next year, you better tell me why are Hornets doing this lol.


They took D’Angelo last year and now Dwight this year? What a winner they’re building over there in Brooklyn…

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They can’t get any FA’s, no one wants to play there.D’Angelo is still young player with upside. They turned Brook Lopez and 27th pick (Kuzma, no one knew he will be this good) into D’Angelo and Dwight, great turnout.

Hornets are really trying to rebuild, they see they have no chance to win in next few years even with Howard, they won’t sign anyone good any time soon, so mozgov’s contract isn’t as much of a liability, and they are stockpiling picks.