Dwight, Ewing, or Thurmond?

Looking for a big man who can finish lobs, clamp up inside, snag boards. I like Ewing’s player model and the fact he can stretch the floor. Thurmond looks like a monster too. Dwight is godly too and he has great animations. Who of the three would you recommend and why? I haven’t used any of them this year

I know this doesn’t answer you’re question but diamondShaq fits the description of what type of center you are looking for. He’s the only one I can vouch for since haven’t had any of the others

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Yes he was another one. I don’t like that free throw though. Other than that, Shaq is another option. I only have 100kMT even to spend though. I’m gonna have to grind some more for Thurmond if I’m convinced he’s worth it over the others

PD Mutombo is your answer OP


Shaq looks super fast too.

Ewing has an incredible post fade but I don’t like the jumper

I’m 125 tokens away from PD dikembe and I’m too lazy to get them. Already got Stockton and hill. Is he that mich better than the others I listed?

Ewing looks so nice and exactly what I’m looking for. Just don’t know

Ewing has more of an offensive game, but Dwight for the price is your best bet, imo. Lob cheese for days, rebounds, speed, blocks… dude is a monster. Thurmond seems to be a beast in his own right, but you’ll need a lot more MT

I’ve had Dwight and Ewing, Ewing felt pretty slow to me personally, liked Jermaine a bit more. Dwight is a monster though.

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Think I’m gonna pull the trigger on Dwight. Thanks guys


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Just finished the first game with Dwight. Got the dub. 12 pts 8 boards. Not too shabby

Diamond or pd Kareem still the best big in the game.

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Nate actually has a better overall than dikembe

Has anyone used both?

Marc Gasoline cheaper and better than all of them together

Dwight he’s fast and a beast

Ewing is a monster, has beaten almost all the centers in the game, his animations are just different, only center he’s struggled a bit against has been PD mutumbo

Oh yes…most def better. Heres live video of him running the court…giphy%20(10)