DWade price drop?

He’s 388k now on ps4 :face_with_monocle:

He is not in the collection for GO griffin and he is not one of the best card, his price will drop.

He’s 416k now lol

yeah if you look all 5 minutes his price can go up or down randomly but in the long term i think he will drop for sure

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Does this mean kobe’s price will rise?

Kobe is selling in the 390-450 range right now on PS4.

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Noice!! A stable 410K base would be great!

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Depends on the shoe I guess. I had the orange CP3 on mine and he went for almost 400k, but red Kyrie ones were going for 450k when I checked. Guess people pay more for cosmetics now. Smdh

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Damn. I got contract and grey jordans I hope 410K atleast. I will sell tomorrow I think before his packs expire on friday.

I think that the market drops back down during the week. I think that the market was inflated due to it being the weekend and only Wade dropped. Not as many people will be on, or playing during the week.

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I just hope I can sell 400K+ but it’s still a win since he is from packs. I look to swap Giannis for my Kobe I hope prices will drop in the announcement of the next anniv

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I got almost 400k for Shaq yesterday as well.


Wow Amazing Sell! My Unlimited wade in packs went for 247K not bad :innocent:

I’m selling kuzma too.

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How’s limited Wade?

The Market was very good for sellers this weekend. I got 564K for Limited Kareem, 456K for PD Nique, and 396K for PD KD. I was happy. Lol


I only played with the unlimited.
I fought a limited once he got owned by my magic
I just set go Under the screen.
His jumpshot is kinda funky lol

Wow that’s great man! Weekend are the best time to sell cards

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Ohhh okay nice

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I think he is not worth it for the price but definitely a fun card though.

I didn’t think so. I’m going to wait for him to drop and probably get him

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