Dupe Player in MyTeam Unlimited Glitch?

Anyone ever get this glitch before, where in a Timeout sub menu, you get two of the same player at two different positions?

I don’t know if it’s a temporary little visual glitch or actually “worded” as I didn’t want Giannis at PF and, I think, switched for Pippen…

Great news. Giannis at pg,sg,sf,pf and c only costs 1.5m now. MyTetokounmpo.


Ive seen this too ! But i didnt end up trying to field the dupes.

You unlocked the matrix :pray:

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Not in MTU, but this happened in Dom a few days ago… unfortunately, there were not two AK47s on the floor after the time out lol. It’s another visual glitch :cry:

I wouldn’t win… But I would be that guy who would be happy to lose fielding a 5 man team of Hondo ! Hahaha

kissmyassman :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: -i got the sarcasm but i really felt a vibe lol-

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5 hedo inbound

Okay, I assumed it was a glitch. I didn’t want to risk trying to see what would happen as it was endgame in a close MTU game and I wanted Gianni’s specifically at 5 because he had been torching my Gasol with his DI KD.

When I called the timeout and that popped up, I almost peed my pants with excitement lol… it was a let down to see Isaac Bonga or some bronze player from my bottom bench in the dupe role lol.


Wish there was counter like rewards for Bonga. Wonder how many people use (!) him lol.


Well, I’ve never used him, but he’s burned up more contracts for me than any other player in 2K19 :joy: I seriously wish I put a diamond contract on him day 1 lol.

Create a full 13 bronze squad and buy contracts from the menu, it’s 520mt for all i think.

Just to pretend you’re serious, a bronze player can play 1,250 games for 10,000 MT, at 8 MT per game.

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It’s not for the value, but just the convenience of never having to remember to throw contracts on him… it’s a lazy wish, not an economical one :joy:

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Rich People Problems! I don’t mind just paying when cued.

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Well, I’m not rich enough to actually do it lol.

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