Duos you would like to see next season?

Always thought duos were a great idea, but it’s rare when you find one where both players are usable. A few duos I’m hoping for are:
Klay + Steph
Kobe + Shaq
LeBron + AD
Wade + Bosh
Dame + CJ
MJ + Pippen
Dr J + Moses
Westbrook + KD

I am hoping they make every NBA 75 card (where it is possible) into a duo. Most of the ones above deserve it. Would add a few like Bird+McHale, Havlicek + Russell, Duncan+Robinson, Jones + Cousy, Chamberlain + Arizin or Greer, Ray Allen + Pierce.

However, I also hope they add a few combos with Rubies/Sapphires

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I’m hopping for jalen green and Christian wood


Penny and Shaq would be great. Shaq is a good card but few extra badges and stat increases would make him even better and would extend Penny’s longevity as well as one of the top PG in the game. Make Penny a PD from this Duo.

For those who got Thunder Dan, maybe give us a Duo with Kevin Johnson or Ceballos or Ainge or someone?

It might be fun to have duos of teammates that hate each other -

Does anyone know why I don’t remember Anthony Mason ever being in 2k except when he was an active player ?..I know he recently passed away but there are lots of guys who have passed that 2k has in game , so I’m not sure what the issue is…having said that if like to see some of these guys incorporated :

Anthony Mason- Glen Rice
David Wesley- Bobby Phills (if you know, you know)
Sprewell - Carlisimo
Manute Bol-Bol Bol
Gilbert Arenas- Caron Butler
Dale Davis- Antonio Davis
Chris Childs- Charlie Ward
Tim Hardaway- Mitch Richmond
Deron Williams - Carlos Boozer
Jimmy Butler -Johakim Noah
Taj Gibson-Tom Thibadeau
Vince Carter -Mcgrady
Webber- JWill
Damon Jones-Donyell Marshall

To name a few

JT + JB, Mobley + Garland, JJJ + Ja, Trae + Collins, Kawhi + PG, Payton + Kemp are the ones I’d definitely like to see get upgrades

If it is PD Kawhi and PD George, that would be beyond amazing. Unfortunately the cost of Kawhi would skyrocket and I would have no MT anymore!

Unfortunately no Duos, as expected with 2K, they can’t release too much things at once or they’ll lose their precious money


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