Duos still do not actually work

Darryl Dawkins goes from 31 to 71 open 3
We should be able to test whether the duo actually work, depending on whether he can actually hit a 3. I have shot about 10 wide open 3s in a challenge game, 0-10. Took one step in, hit the midrange.

I don’t think duos fucking work :persevere:



71 open 3PT still sucks

Getting to 86 ball control allows a dribble speed boost, I’m just having trouble find a duo that gets someone over 86 BC.

Yes, but I’m 0-14 on wide open 3s man. I can hit them with Wilt at 74 open 3.

Either yellow or purple Lebron’s bc gets boosted from 80 to 83. With a coach he would be over 86, so you can test with him

Finished 0-15. I don’t think it works.

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Did you green tho?

Yeah thats like me with yao he got like a 70 something and i green yaos 3’s, duos probably broken

Have not been able to, no. I’m hitting almost every middie in freestyle, though, so it’s not his release.

Amy Jimmy has 80 ballc?
Easiest one to check.

He gets to 85 with duo so still needs a coach or shoe BC boost

Is having coach a problem?
Boosts don’t stack?

Using D’antoni and he’s only “great”, no 3 point boost there. Have him in purple kyries.

They should, but if you can’t speed boost with Jimmy with either a shoe or coach then either boosts don’t stack or the duo just doesn’t work…

Idk then man I’ve been running the Stockton, Malone duo and Saph Stockton been splashing from 3.

I should be able to at least hit one, man. The only guys I can’t hit with period are the super low rating guys.

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Anybody want to queue up a friendly and leave him wide open to test it out?

Xbox right? Have to head out in a minute but I’m happy to help out and give him some open shots

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you cant speedboost with duos, someone proved that earlier this year

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Yeah man, I have the same name on XBL.

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