Duo Pack Odds Now

Anybody still getting good pulls?

No. The packs went dry about 40 minutes after they were posted. At least on ps4 I pulled a bunch and didn’t get above a ruby. Although I almost completed the rim rockers set :joy:. I just said screw it. Bought the new bron for 250 and the new Jordan for 130 and am finishing up my team to just play friendlies and have fun

damn it went from 100 to 0 real quick. Ppl were saying theyre lit so I spent one last $20

I spent 50, not even gonna lie. And actually I was wrong in my first post. I pulled an Amy Clyde that was worth 1200 mt

It’s just such a forgettable pull that I forgot

not tryna brag but i got lebron, amy dirk and di kidd in a 10 box so I figured they’d be perma juiced

Damn. That blows! I spent 20 in vc and got new jordan, a contract and Dumars. The spent 50k vc and only got Amy’s. My buddy didn’t get to rip when packs were hot and he really needed the help for his squad so that’s why I asked. Might just give him 50k as I’m happy with my team. Only improvement would be new Bron but I’m cool.

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They are bad now

I haven’t been on PS4 today, is there a countdown timer for these packs?

Odds are fine on Xbox. Just opened a 21 box and got diamond Dinwiddie, PD Magic, PD Durant, and a couple amethyst I think Jaylen Brown and one other

Actually I just pulled the Kd with the 16th pack of the box, I’m still opening lol

PD wade with the 19th pack jeez

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Overall tho, that’s only about 100k MT at this time lol. Its crazy how low the prices are

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Yeah I didn’t realize how little MT that was lol. It’ll be enough to get me the new MJ or Lebron though anyway

I went to sell Magic, 25k lol. KD is like 35k

Yeah its crazy hey, just have fun with some of the cards. KD is still solid. I want LeBron to, need him to go with Magic as I got the rebound shoe on mine which makes him ridiculous lol.

Oh I already have them both, getting the new Lebron and/or Mj are just about the only things I could use at this point lol

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God squad or nah :joy:

lol a diamond

Embiid probably top 3 center in the game with duo and turns pink diamond :smirk: PLUS LEBRON BEST CARD IN THE GAME 99 everything say a better team :wink: