Duo Cowen/Hondo?

Anyone run this duo? ended up biting the bullet and going to give it a go later on and will give a review. Found Cowen with Lat quickness/Speed/Acceleration shoe. Thinking about running him at PF with Hondo at the 2, Defense should be clamps with wilt/Barry duo and lebron at the 1. I run a few plays and Lebron is a great facilitator so I think this should work. Im not your 5 out guy so I don’t think this would suit everyone, But im hoping his defense is better then drays (Taller and more defense stats with Duo) but also reliable on offense aswell. He might be too short for centre but if recommended Ill give it a go off then bench.

I run them at the 2 and 4 and I couldn’t be happier. Hondo with the 99 three is lights out finishes everything at the rim and can throw down and is lockdown on d. Cowens plays good d and has a very easy release to green especially in the corner. He also dunks on everyone. They’ll be staying in my lineup for a while

Nice, thanks for the heads up, it makes sense to run them both there. Ill give it a go tonight in Supermax and see how they perform, I heard his 3 is solid too even for a 85 open