Duo boosts don't work?

I thought it was just a visual glitch on the card, that when viewing the card attributes the boosted ones would be green but not actually increased, but boosts also don’t show in-game from the substitution menu.

I wonder if this has just occurred since that patch because Mo Bamba has been 0 from a dozen or so on open 3s since then despite his open 3 being boosted to 74 from 49 (including the +4 from coach). I was shooting 40-50% from 3 with him a few days ago (not large sample though). Aaron Gordon also feels worse. I don’t have any other duos to try.

I also noticed the grant and cwebb duo doesn’t work as grant doesn’t get a 3 ball boost

I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t fix it all season yet they’ll have update ready to go next morning for any VC earning schemes. So frustrating.