Dunktober Promo! PD Kareem & Diamond Dirk!


Def a Vince and MJ coming


wilkins and howard maybe as well… throw a nice lavine, even aaron gordon could be good. i’m gonna say Lu Dort because he can dunk a basketball. you can even throw us a Rudy Fernandez if you wanted.


also, this could be a reach, but i think there’s 1-2 cards with a glitched card (with dunking ability)

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Spud or Nate for trash cards.

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I hope not. I really don’t want to use them in draft mode this weekend.

Yeah, could totally see a Diamond MJ. Seems like about the time to release a better-than-sapphire MJ.

Gotta be Kareem and KD then right?

Luka and Dirk not really known for their dunking.

Either that or they’re doing that thing where it’s a cover athlete from like 2K Japan or something and we get Rui.

I don’t see them giving us a Luka with the diamond Luka already in the game.

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I don’t think this means current cover players. Luka already has a diamond and isn’t really a dunker. Maybe Kareem, but I’m thinking Zion and MJ.

Pretty sure it’s Dirk looking at the tweet. That’s the German flag haha.

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Oh and Kareem cause of the goggles.

yeah, dirk and kareem. maybe glitched dirk and kareem?


Card art is fire, in my opinion.


Dunking Dirk… ok. When there will be 3-point shooting month - they going to release Shack and Dwight as master 3pt players.


My height auctionable card is an Amy and my entire “best” squad all has over a 90 3 ball already after my coach boost. RIP centers that can’t shoot 3s.

yup. Threember. Glitched idea is a bit outdated.

I was thinking that too.

Candice Parker was the first woman to dunk in the NCAA tourney, and she’s one of the cover athletes.

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