Dumb question- How do you change triple threat lineup?

Don’t see any option to do it before I start the game.

Doesnt it tell you what 3 cards you wanna use when you enter TT?

Only time I get an option to make changes is when someone is out of contracts or I send someone to auctions.

When your looking at the cards move left joystick towards the card you want to change , press x (PS4)

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This. You have to push “Up” on the D-pad to go from highlighting the “X to Continue” or whatever it is.

Pretty annoying and stupid UI issue. Also annoying that one has to buy contracts for each player individually.


It took me a few to figure it out lol… That’s totally not a dumb question.

Thanks, had same issue and had 3 reward cards with infinite contracts, so u help majorly

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