Duke vs NC

No…I dont. This isnt Vegas.

But y’all was gon gut us tho your not that confident don’t make that remark

Nobody is gonna take UNC straight up.

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I told my guy i want $155 if unc wins n now he says hes “mulling it over” :joy:

I’ll take that we doing cash or MT?

Doesn’t matter…whatever you want.

Oh UNC is getting ass raped here shortly

I need to do Venmo or Apple Pay if that’s cool if we do cash.

I’ll go straight up no spread if we win you send 20 If we lose I send $10?

Damn Zion must be y’all daddy or sumn

He is playing like a god though, 19 straight fg’s w.o a miss.

So if UNC wins I send you 20 and you send me 10 if Duke wins? How about I’ll send you 20 if UNC wins and you can send me 100 K MT if Duke wins?

Nah. We’re from the same county/town. I just know he’s unstoppable & he has something to prove tonight. I’m a South Carolina fan…we got smacked earlier today.

Was close till the end no?

Yeah…tied at half. 4 pt game till final 4 mins. Injuries killed us this yr. Only play 7 deep & we got tired. Auburn pushed the pace the whole game & full court pressed. Bruce Pearl had a smart game plan.

Auburn runs a 1-3-1 zone & its pretty nasty.

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Nah I’m good on MT strictly bread

Aye I like Zion but if I can remember Naz did a great job in he Mcdonalds game

Ok 20 if UNC wins and 10 if Duke wins…I got Duke.

You are good with Venmo?

Confirm if you are down.

It was pretty impressive honestly, they close out so fast.

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Yes sir Venmo is cool