Duke vs NC

Will Zion destroy them or will NC be bringing out the brooms?


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My buddy’s offering me $110 if i take NC and they win for my $50.

Dont be a sucker. NC is about to get gutted

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Duke team are walking bricks. Shot 16-71 from 3 over the 2 Ls they already caught from UNC

With no Zion. Care to make a MT bet on it?

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That’s literally the moneyline odds right now. Don’t do it. Haha.

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I’ve been a UNC fan most of my life up until when I got older and I think you are just being a blind fan if you honestly believe that haha.

20 mins if anyone on Xbox wants to wager some MT

Let me guess you want duke :joy:

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Lmao I got UNC y’all talking hot like y’all didn’t have 3 other all Americans. Look for Naz to have a nice game

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Yeah unc can shoot but duke? Not so much…

I’ll bet what’s the spread since we bout to get “Gutted”

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The spread…lol. I’ll take the 3 seed. You get the 2. Straight up.

That’s not how it works dude.

Im not taking the bet but i think it’ll be closer than unc getting credit for and maybe even an “upset”

It is in my world. Yall already said they’ve lost 2 in a row to them & have a lower seed. Spread is 4.5 but I’m not giving pts in the best rivalry game in sports.

I’ll take Duke -4 on Xbox…how much do you want to bet if you are down?

Duke is a 4.5 point favorite at a neutral site after losing the previous two without Zion for a reason…if you want to take straight up bets you have to be willing to pay out twice as much as you are risking if you lose and vice versa.