Dude has a team featuring 4 PDs, hues what happens

Down 15 late in the 3rd, he benches Scottie fucking pippen and throws hedo in.

Hedo proceeds to heave up 20 unholy 3 balls at like an 80% clip. Wins this guy the game.

I’m talking full red contest bars from my SCOTTIE PIPPEN and Amy Jimmy, even draymond.

I’m honestly about to quit my team after the dicking I just received…

This is my last year because I can’t handle this game when its like that.

Sounds like you just need to add Hedo to your squad


2k would tell you its balanced.

Then there are the Newb’s that think this game is fair and no one should complain. They are normally the type that think everytime they lose its because the other player is better. Not true WSE.

When I had hedo he was broke as a joke… now every time I start spanking a god squad they bench PDs just to dad dick me with hedo.


Jimmy and Draymond are nice and all but not good enough cards for the MTU cheese

2K encourages it too by giving everyone stupid quick releases

I’m a big believer in that if you lost, it was at least somewhat your fault.

But if you’re gonna dick me with 30 foot contested 3balls with anyone not named Larry or curry that’s gonna piss me off.

Edit ; added word “contested”

I’ve just a lost a game, because Marc Gasol made a heavily contested standing layup over the outstretched arms of Mutombo, who has HOF defensive stopper, HOF rim protector and 98 shot contest. Shit happens and you can’t win them all.

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Those base 11 jumpshot looking players are cancer on the game. First kiki, hedo now Gilbert. Ridiculous. Hard to contest it if they running pick and roll lol

At least Gilberto isn’t 6’9”.

He’s still the best out of all the Base 11’s tho.

Gilberto is still 6’3, he will get his ass kicked so hard against a good oponnent

Would you really rather have gilbert over ak47 or granger?

I think hedo is right up there with ak47. The few ak47s I’ve played have deferred to hedos or not eaten up like they should have

Hedo is the biggest pain in the ass

What’s worse is he’s affordable

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Nah thats just cause you have played more hedos and have more to draw off of. Ask anyone with both who they would rather have and its 9.9/10 times Ak47


Fib rather have the new PG13 with White Kobe’s thank AK47.

You’re most likely right on that one. I can count on my hands how many AKs ive played but I’m
Matching up with Hedo damn near every game