Drop your rapper hot takes down below!

I’ll go first, Logic>Most of the rappers in the game right now.

He is supremely underrated.

Logic, hopsin & Eminem are primarily what I throw on for driving and such.

One songs a meme, one song is great.


Hops in is really good too. Been listening to Joyner Lucas too he’s good.

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Yeah I forgot about Joyner damn. These dudes stand out for their balance of lyrics flow and beats.

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Yup, better than those annoying mumble rappers.

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Hmm, I’ll have to check them out.

Give me the purge


Big E got Pac killed and vise versa


Just thought of another question, if you could pick one player to protect you during the purge who would it be and why?

NBA player ?

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don’t even know if this is a hot take but compared to 2000s and early 2010s music, today’s music is shit



I’m saying David Robinson.

James Johnson, MMA prowess

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Yah this is a popular one.


Faucet Failure and Foot Fungus check em out

No way you are telling me to listen to Ski mask the slump god.

Who ?

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