Drop step dunk

Most of the time i try it i just get weak layups actually almost never dunks i got diamond shaq and i guess i just might do it wrong? 2k17 i used to drop step sometimes wait for space and dunk this game makes me feel like standing dunks dont exist anymore could anyone advise please


Playing as my Pro-am team’s big man for the last 4 years; I can tell you that this year standing dunks have been severely nerfed and are harder to trigger. I have not come across a “secret” other than make sure whichever center you’re using has a high standing dunk tendency and good dunking stats


Almost a complete 180 from last year where I had a dwight howard build and if I tapped the square button once I dunked over 2 guys lol


Well dayum shaq got 90 tendency paid 200 for that fat boy lol and its not happening this is the most frustrating aspect of the game for me


You have to shoot out of the drop step, or else it’s just an “up and under” shot, and those seem to have less standing dunk tendencies or something.

It only works if you get a winning animation that clears you for a dunk. When you get the “side” animations for an open layup, that’s all you can really do.

I don’t think you can expect to get a dropstep dunk animation regularly. Will happen on mismatches mostly, I think.

As someone who plays with a pure post scorer a lot in myteam, I’ve never been drop step dunked in 1v1 ante up (not including takeover). And I’ve never done it to another post scorer. We’re too big to get that good of an animation (without takeover).


Thanks for the feedback. Im really struggling to score consistently in the post and thats with a shaq in tto i dont play anything else. Mostly its mismatches and mostly even guards cause weak layups. Either im not skilled at all or the post has become a 50/50 game. Dominant bigs should be like 70 percent bucket against weak defenders idk man game really annoys me most of the time lol

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Wait for cards with the 100 stand dunk tendency to come out and see how they are… never should pay that much for a card that doesn’t have hof badges unless it’s granger

I don’t think you can do this move anymore. I’ve never done it this year with MyPlayers (Shot Post and Pure Post).

It’s always a layup animation now after a dropstep. So it’s not even worth doing dropsteps in 2K19 unless you have a height mismatch, because those layups are going to be lightly contested at best if your matchup is the same height or taller than you.


I could drop step dunk with the magic shaq any time I wanted, maybe I just know the sweet spot? I usually stayed away from attempting it on super defenders for obvious reasons, but what I would do is get literally in the middle of the paint, hit the drop step, and baptize whoever dared contesting. But like I said, dead middle of the paint, not just touching it, not from the side. I sold my shaq cuz I’m waiting for the anniversary version. Hope this helps.

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Oh yeah also I do dropstep with Gilmore and he’s also very consistent with them. I’m not sure why people have trouble with them? It’s my go to move since fades rarely go for me. I probably average 6 drop steps a game and make 5. Are you guys sure you’re doing dropsteps? Lmao

The dunk off the dropstep has been nerfed heavily since 2k17. In 17 it was almost automatic with elite bigs. Now you will get a layup animation 95% of the time unless you have a much much smaller defender guarding you.

I will admit, the way it is now is more realistic but there’s nothing like the feeling of dropstepping someone then dunking and telling him hit the weight room. You can still do it in Takeover but without takeover you need to have a mismatch to do this consistently.

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You’re more skilled than most and maybe your timing on post fades, for example, is good enough (and you’re good enough to create space to minimize contest) that it’s a better proposition than a contested layup off a dropstep.

I’m probably well above average in post offense, but not especially good. I find it challenging to make post fades actually good (i.e. 55-60%+) propositions. So, to me, a contested layup with the inside hand after a good-but-not-green dropstep, is about as good as taking a post-fade or a hook. Maybe better.

Post fades aren’t a good shot to take this year, either.

2K Lab just tested all of the fade animations last week, and even if your timing is perfect every time, and you have a 99 post fade rating, you still can’t green that shot type 100% of the time this year, like you can with jump shots.

I mostly just go for spin layups/dunks out of the post this year. And once my opponent starts backing off to defend the spin, then I start taking stepback jump shots (not post stepbacks).

Those are the two most efficient post shots you can take in 2K19.

I’m waiting for 2K Lab to test hooks and post hops before I give up on those shot types like I have with fades. I don’t even bother taking fades any more unless I have takeover lit because I know I can’t green them every time like I can with spin layups/dunks and stepback jump shots.

It must be something in his tendencies/ratings/animations that lets him do it.

I know for sure with my 7’0" shot creating post scorer and 7’3" pure post scorer that it’s going to be a layup animation every time I try it, and I have every possible dunk package equipped on those MyPlayers.

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Purely anecdotal, but post hops feel like they go in way more for me than post fades this year.

A post hop is my go to shot this year with my pure post scorer.

The drop step is underrated though. Once you get it HOF (I still only have it gold) you can get a winning animation almost every time, if you don’t full on sell out to stop it with you body.

I was playing 1v1 against an elite 3 post scorer, and this dude could hit a dropstep layup almost every shot. I couldn’t get a winning defensive animation to save my life, and the light contest wasn’t doing shit (played him like 3 times, he finally missed 1-2 in the 3rd game, but dude had the move down). I’ve been using drop steps more since playing that guy, and I’m getting better at getting the leverage and taking that wide open layup every time. Pretty easy to green too. Most people do the pause after a drop step, because everyone gets used to drop step, pause, up and under for grinding both badges. People aren’t expecting that quick layup after the drop step.

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That’s how I feel about it. It’s not a perfect situation, but I think it’s pretty good. That layup animation of a drop-step can come very fast.


I feel the same way about those two shot types. I think it’s the added difficult shots badge boost that makes the post hops more reliable. I’m waiting to see the numbers from 2K Lab on those, but I definitely think they’ll be higher than the post fade percentages.

The timing is so fast and the animations are so random on those that I don’t like taking a lot of them. You have to be super quick in reading which layup animation the game is giving you, because the animations happen so fast and have such a small timing window. You can green them though if your timing is on point.

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Ahh, do post fades not get difficult shots at all? I know you can’t grind it using post fades, but I thought it still popped up.

But that was along my lines of thinking too. That difficult shots affects post hops more than fades.

Difficult shots only fires for post fades, not the normal ones. I find them way easier to Green.

Idk the math but from my experience post fades are super effective … too strong imo

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I have pretty much every other post animation down but I’m really struggling to get drop step to trigger at all this year, last year seemed much easier.

I hold left trigger, right stick to basket and tap X and most of time nothing happens, must be doing something wrong.