DRD/Limitless badge prices

Holy shit, does anyone want to list some at a decent price? Of course, the day I get PD Drob and am trying to badge him up, PD Wade gets released with no shooting badges, so prices are sky high. Fml…

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I get D Rob next week. I think I only have corner specialist and catch and shoot shooting badges

He comes with catch and shoot, but you’ll need to add corner specialist, deep range deadeye, and limitless. Now I just wish I had a good diamond shoe to throw on him. I’ve pulled exactly one all year… during the first month of the game.

Why limitless? You would maybe use Drob’s limitless once every 4 games or so. No need for that.

And here i was quickselling all my badges :frowning: never again

What? You can make a fortune selling good badges at the right time. Only quicksell the ones that go for 250 MT when in need of quick MT.

Yeah I never knew that… seeing my badge pile with 20 posterizers and 20 of countless other ones sitting there , i thought they were all useless like ruby players now


You should keep yourself updated a bit more with the AH. Yesterday someone sold ruby Bosh for 500 MT. He’s not very pricey but we have heat challenge and 1000MT would have sold just as quick.

SUmmer college courses make it really hard

Before knowing of 2kgamer i used to just instalist all rubys for 500 and all amys for 5k

I realised how i fucked up when i went to try buying an amy porz and realised he wasnt near 5k XD

Damn man. So you’re one of the people who feed our MT millionaires I guess. But it’s okay. Before I knew anything about how the AH works, I put up stuff for stupid low prices in 2k16 myself. I remember how I wondered why historic Spud Webb sold instantly for 500MT. He was pretty rare and pricey then I guess. Last year I had emerald spurs historic Will Perdue from the domination. And thank god I price checked him before selling. He went for over 20k.

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Oh I havent even checked the amount of historical sapphs i sold for 1000-2000 :frowning:

Once I learnt about Sapphire IT, I havent sold any historic players without checking market since

Wont feed them again tho if i get the game

What else are you gonna put on him that he doesn’t already come with? I just feel like more shots go in when someone has limitless.

Most of them are worthless, only like 5 of them sell for a lot individually. But 20 packs of bruiser, hustle rebounder, and flashy passer sell for a decent amount.