Drazen price as of now? ps4

Not off work for 3 hours. What’s he at currently?

Last I saw the first one was at 160k.

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One at 220k so far 2 hr left

Don’t think a lot of people are ripping packs for him. Not a lot of historic cards flooding the AH.

Where y’all think he’s gonna settle at

I think he’s gonna rise in price he should be pretty filthy he’s Lowkey right now

Just put my Lebron up to get Drazen late night tonight

First few are ending above 350 on ps4. Think the secret is out

280k on Xbox for first 3.

Damn, im gonna get outbidded on ps4 lol i thought i had a chance with 180 lol

His release aint too bad too bad im not gonna pay 200k for him tho

300k for one with diamond contract and diamond shoe

That tweet about him having a 98 3pt with HOF limitless boosted his stock :chart_with_upwards_trend:

That’s what I thought too. I bet you no one ripping packs so they had to stir up interest


Pulled one with MT on third pack, should end a little bit after 8 PM


You just made some MT :money_mouth_face:

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Lol it was worth the risk, I was gonna pull 4 but got it on the third

Is he going to come down at all or you think he will stay at 250-300 lmao

If they drop the :fire: content that people are talking about, anybody who pays over 150-200k is going to be salty af tomorrow.


Just pulled Jefferson on lucky #3. :upside_down_face: