Drazen is hot garbage

I sold my Klay for Drazen and boy do I regret it. This card is shooting so bad for me it’s disgusting. Anything he isn’t greening, is a brick. He’s a hologram on D, this card is so bad for me I’m just going to sell him back. Who’s some cheaper knock down shooting 2 guards? I’m thinking Michael redd



Manu amazing and free.

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Jimmy Butler is a beast for me


Well how’s he supposed to get Manu?


Butler clamped up a Diamond Kobe for me and splashed threes in his face all game.

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Drazen Brick Brick?

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I went from Ray Allen to Allan Houston to Amy Butler as my starting 2. Butler is by far my favorite in a pure 3&D role, which is what I want my 2 to be.


Darzen suck

I already have manu but I run him at the 1 off the bench. You think jimmy?

Try Mitch if you haven’t already. He greens a lot for me.

What other pg options you got? I love Manu at 2 for plays and etc :slight_smile:

You sure about that boss?

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Well I have magic at the one so I’m looking for a knock down shooter to compliment him. I had Klay and sold him simply because of his price. I picked up drazen hopig he would fill the same role but he isn’t even remotely close. You try Michael redd?

Oh I’m sure. Everything’s a brick that isn’t green

That’s my dream back court. I have drazen, now I just need Magic. Drazen should never miss a shot off a Magic pass

I havent, but ive seen people do great with him against me, again, you wanna try Manu at 2 and someone else at backup pg? Just try to switch that role.

I have the complete opposite experience

Everything is cash as long as it’s get a good shot, and he’s great all around player for me

Must be nice. I paid 200k with a nice shoe and diamond contract.

Could try that. I don’t really have anything point guard and my MT is pretty low