Draymond with the DAGGER

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I gotta admit that shit is a helluva troll, but… but… come the fuck on Draymond ain’t shit but a glue guy surrounded by 3 future Hall of Famers and a finals MVP. He does it all, but he’s a product of his environment.


He’s a Future HoF’er too man.


Would he be if he wasn’t surrounded by that talent? That’s what I’m saying. I should have worded that better.

Draymond is a bum.

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Whattttt! Draymond is Dennis Rodman reincarnated

I doubt Steph and Klay would’ve won the first time one without him too. You can’t make that argument without acknowledging the reverse.


Draymond should give a percentage of all that money he got paid to Steph, Klay, and KD. Yes, Barkley would knock him out.

With all sincerity, I’m surprised Dray hasn’t been punched in the mouth with all his antics.

Steph and Klay should reciprocate the same percentage. Check Dray’s win shares.

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I don’t like him but the three Splash Bros wouldn’t win without him on the team.


But I can make that argument. It’s an easy one. Everyone wants to blame Draymond for 2016, but that is the dumbest argument ever. The dude sat 1 game, one, uno. So they lost the next two and everyone reallllly thinks it’s because he got suspended for a single game? Yet the same guys who claim that wouldn’t claim for a split second that Houston would have won had CP3 not gotten hurt lol. Just saying.

LeBron wins that series if Dray played 0 minutes.

Both those “people” and “guys” you refer to are not me. Both Klay/Steph wouldn’t win without Mond and the donkey wouldn’t win without them. Simple.

Honestly this years team could have won without him. Like I said, he’s the glue guy. I didn’t say he wasn’t valuable but you take Draymond Green and surround him by any less talent, and the man doesn’t have 3 championships. That’s a fact. He is surrounded by all-time greats homie. That troll of his is like Kevin Durant claiming he’s the best basketball player in the world now because he goes to GS and can coast his way to rings lol.

LeBron would’ve played much more effectively without Draymond guarding him a majority of the possessions. GS would also lack their key playmaker and would have much worse switches.

I wish somebody would square off with Draymond one of these days and knock those buck teeth out of his stupid face.


Then Draymonds objective is complete — player gets ejected, fined, and probably suspended for multiple games. That’s a win in his book and helps his team succeed.

All I said was he’s the glue guy, but he isn’t shit without that team lol. Lets be realistic what numbers do you think Draymond would average without that team? He damn sure wouldn’t be having a HoF career. I just strongly dislike the guy, he’s a poor sportsman, he’s got the biggest mouth in the league, and the longest leash to roam on.

He’s gritty and intense, and I think something like that is much needed but in this pussified NBA. Trashtalking is basically dead and it’s refreshing to see players like Dray employ mind games and talk a lot of shit. He definitely helps his team win and isn’t any less deserving of the credit that the other 3 All-Stars receive.