Draymond or Unseld?

Which is the better stretch “4” will have giannis guard the center. Have 150 tokens and no PD’s redeemed, tired of waiting for the token update. Anyone used both or any other ideas for a token pd to get? Ik they are all mostly buns

Cowens could be an option, ik he’s not great but if his release is decent he could be viable with 78 3 ball. Hof rebound chaser is an eye popper

I like unseld tbh lol

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He will on defense. Offense he can be 5

Yah sorry I read wrong

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Unseld has the behind the back cheesy animation. I dunno if Dray does

Dray is really fast on the break and has a good release too, 84 3 ball compared to 78

If u like Dray run him then

But I’m just saying Wes is good. Don’t let lack of HOF badges fool you

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