Draymond Green

I just replaycing GO Simmons with Dray and for my playing style thats a great move. Dray average 8.2 pts 5rpg 6.0 apg and 2.2 spg un 10 gamed. I just get 720.000 mt for simmons and bought dray with 95k bid. His doing most things in offence what i need and hes better shooter okei his not so good slasher but overall his okei. Defensivly his perfect and he gets like 2 oreb per game. I think its a smart move.

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for the price yea draymond is solid

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Consistently ending at 100K on XBOX. That’s value.

Yeh I am enjoying draymond as well, used to have simmons … rather would save the mt


Think he’ll be a BIN anytime soon? I’ve seen a few during drops, but mostly like 105K - 110K typically. Or will he rise after packs are gone?

What shoes you guys go with? I got the hyperdunks and he feels quicker but I’m debating switching to a 3 point shoe

Those the best fit for him. It boast his lower stats he have

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He’ll rise slightly.

PG4’s could be good too. Boosts ball control instead of vertical

Yea , it get lockdown takeover , I would like to get slasher instead