Draymond Green with grey/yellow Kobes

I got outbid on this gem while I was out earlier this evening. Does anybody know what he went for? Also, do you know if he’s a 99 with the Steph duo if he has this shoe?

No, he’s 98.
98 Beast.

I grabbed the one that was just up, can’t wait to finally try this beast of a card with the duo. Atleast for a friendly game or 2 it be worth it

90k, badged up? That was mine. Enjoy him, he is a beast.

Haha yeah something like that, knew it be someone on here. I was gonna wait it out for the 70 but I don’t care about MT anymore. Can’t wait tho.

I put 60 on him several hours beforehand. Thought he would be mine, but nope lol

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