Draymond Green throws shade at 2KGamer posters



Dray is a natural when hes doing games. Hes going to kill it when he retires. Hes right. The shit she named should get proper credit.


I love how they silenced when he said “shit” but did nothing for the word “fucked”


its great to see draymond back in good shape again, gonna be important for the warriors all season and for their future


Dray you still trash but you speaking facts

He’s not wrong

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Dray might be one of the most overrated players of all time, exchange PJ Tucker in his spot in the glory days and i don’t think much changes.

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This is legit most fun video I’ve seen so far this year.

Click bait headline :wink:

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The headline is quite appropriate and correctly titled in my opinion. :wink:



No he didn’t.

The irony of OP posting this tho :rofl:

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There’s a certain type of person that Draymond called out

And those types of people are in this thread

Some of them are Warriors fans…

I’m not wrong for the title


Let me chill though because I’m making it hot

Lol. He’s right. But everyone is going to think he’s right and believe they are in that select group that do know the game.

Which is funny because as he said, to actually learn you gotta acknowledge that you don’t know, which nobody here will do.


On some real stuff, I do have a lot to learn about basketball. :sweat_smile:

So many layers to unfurl.

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He’s absolutely right, especially when most people on basketball shows create narratives based on their poor understanding of the game.

Everyone should acknowledge they don’t know a lot about basketball or you’d rather be coaching an nba team by now.

I feel the same as Dray every time I read Nba threads on 2KG :joy:


He is definetly talking about you @pancakes and you @LifTid

I think it’s funny how many haters that man has. I am looking forward to his color commentary one day. He is going to be JVG without a filter.

How I’m not hating, I just said he’s speaking facts. Don’t mean he’s not still trash. Sure he does a lot of the things that don’t show up on the stat sheet, but he also doesn’t put anything on the stat sheet :woozy_face: