Drawing Fouls

Any tips here? It seems like every game my opponent shoots 15-20 FTs, and I shoot 3-5. Every foul is on a drive to the basket, typically when my defender still has good position, and a foul gets called anyway. Is there a specific type of shot/layup that I should be using because I never seem to draw fouls in similar situations. Thanks!

Have the equalizer go in your favor and you’ll go to the a lot

don’t try to…take open shots only…consider fouls a bailout

and ur defense is bad if he is drawing so many fouls

U has a defensive coach?

Just run run and hope for a bail out and on offensive rebounds pump fake and try to trigger the foul animation

Honestly it is impossible. It is absurd. 100% smothered shots are hardly ever fouls. This is maybe my second biggest problem with the game this year. Terrible. Just terrible.

Yeah, just not sure what to do differently. Some people just seem to have a trick figured out where almost every miss is a foul. I certainly don’t have it figured out!