Draft mode

How do u guys liking the new game mode?

For me already the team bulding, “lottery” part really exciting.
First run, unbeaten, 1 disconnect loss, 31 picks, here are my rewards:

PD Glenn Robinson /grand prize/
5250 mt
33 tokens
Diamond consumble pack
Diamond shoe pack
1x amy player pack
3x ruby player pack

I would say if u a decent player, its really worth it :slight_smile:


How much do runs and tickets cost?

I’m not getting MT for finishing my draft games. Glitch or on purpose? The calculation screen is there but everything is 0…

Did you happen to get the achievement or trophy for this? My friend and I both error coded on the 10th win. I got all my picks and stuff though

You get free tickets by completing agenda goals, challenges,… Got 5 free tickets already. You need 1 ticket to draft a squad to play games. It resets after 3 losses so you will need a new token to draft a new squad.

I really enjoy it, im 5-1 rn and im not the best player, 4 of my games have bee rage quits

5 games in and I’ve already gotten stuck on 70% twice wtf 2k how is this still a thing

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Well I just had the wildest draft mode experience. Load up for my first game and all my players are invisible (!?). Opponent’s pissed, quits immediately. Load up for another game. Once again, I’m invisible, so on and so forth, for another 10 straight games…(maybe 30 min)

I am now the proud owner of a PD Glenn Robinson & multiple diamond shoes & contracts. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I sincerely apologize to anyone I just matched up with.


That would give me so much anxiety. I’d be on the mic apologizing for my involuntary fuckery.

currently chilling in bed… and casually 9-0 lol… i love this.

Two of my three losses was 70%.

Best mode in the game. Quick 10-0 in like 2 hours and this is what I got from ascension:

Plus 10k mt and 15 tokens.

And I have 6 more tickets… :smiling_imp:


How do u get tickets?

From agendas. I got one from the locker code too.

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I dont know how, but I got 4 draft tickets. Maybe from some agenda? Not sure.

I have had 31 picks twice now, made it to the top twice and died. Didn’t get a single good thing from either board. This is frustrating.

Game mode itself it pretty fun. I really like it.

edit: make that three times now I’ve had 31 picks and still nothing :frowning:

I really hate not being able to set your rotation before the game.


Do you guys get MT after each game? I’m not getting any…

Nah man. Your not getting MT for each game. ThT would make the mode over the top since you don’t pay contracts.

Still curious the VC cost of a ticket. Anyone know?

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7500 vc. That seems like a lot

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