Draft Day Cards Reviews

Looking for honest reviews on the new set.

Specifically how Ben simmons is playing/shooting?

Is PD AD release too slow to overcome?

Is KAT worth it over other comparable players?

Is Wiggins as good as his 2k17 diamond?

Is fultz a beast?

ad is wonderful card. I gave him nike speed w ball shoe and we are breaking ankles out there.
his release is fine.

I would like to try Kat too but his release is so fucking slow for supermax.

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I’ve run one game with AD Wiggins and Simmons.

Ad is a complete mismatch at the 5. Dribbles very similar to PD Giannis and can green 3s well behind the line. Release was not an issue at all. This was with the white diamond Kobe.

Only took 2 shots with Simmons - one 3 and a dunk, both good. His release takes a bit to get used to though. The guy sagged off him, guess he doesn’t use 2kmtc

Wiggins…is next level lol dunks 3s defense crossovers. He was my 2nd leading scorer after AD. I like him more than AD (probably because was 39k)

I’ll never forgive Wiggins for not going to UK.

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PD AD is amazing. PD KAT is garbage. Diamond Simmons w/ Red Kyrie’s is gamebreaking. :slight_smile:

Simmons can’t be better than PD LeBron can he?

Ben Simmons is an abject terror driving to the hole, it’s a ridiculous jam or a foul 99% of the time, and if he kicks out with HOF dimer it’s money. His passing ability makes him a way better PG than Giannis, imo he’s the second-best PG behind PD Magic.

He’s not better, but it’s 1A and 1B.

Better at PG imo.

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Selling my PD KATs right this second while the AH is dry. Bout to make a lot of cheddar :money_mouth_face:

Mine went for 389,000

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Damn, I only paid 136 for that card.

Here’s my reviews. I think I only played 3 games yesterday, so take it for what it’s worth.

Simmons: I can see how some people would love this card, but he just wasn’t for me. I haven’t used his cards much this year, so I’m not that familiar with his animations. But, I found I didn’t like him as much as the other cards in my lineup, so he went to the AH. He can definitely shoot better than his older cards, but that 82 three ball still felt like a 60… even in my last game that was one of those 90something to 50something victories that 2k let dudes on my team shoot 7/9 threes.

KAT: Solid center. His defense is what has surprised me most. He gets a ton of rebounds, and a lot of blocks for 2k18 standards. His release is slow, but just take open shots with him and you’re all good. His post play is above average and his speed is fine. Disclaimer: He does seem to go through stretches of some games against the dreaded “equalizer squads” where he’s gonna get postered a lot, ESPECIALLY by emerald and ruby cards. He’ll have more nuts in his mouth than the dudes in the pictures on the MTCentral forums, and then he’ll switch it up and completely shut down the paint. I still think Hakeem is the best center, followed by the Admiral, then possibly this KAT.

AD: Wow. That’s about all I can say. Wow. Use a shoe (diamond, gold, silver, whatever) to give him a little speed with ball boost, and it’s practically game over. In all three games, I played him both at PF and C, and I think he played equally well in both roles. When at PF, I played him next to KAT/D Rob © and he was awesome against big PFs and small PFs… no weakness found. At C, I played him next to Giannis (PF)… again, he held his own against bigger and smaller centers. This card might not be fair. He shoots, rebounds, blocks, everything.


Why do you say PD KAT is garbage? Stats look awesome and 96 three ball

never used KAT, is his release comparable to like Marc Gasols?

PD KAT’s release is absolute garbage. I like him a lot IRL, but he’s not a SM player.

Fultz is gonna be overlooked by a lot of people simply because of his basically red shirt rookie season but this card is a beast and he’s been better than the other new point guards from yesterday (PD Wall and PD Rose) for me so far. His animations are so shifty and quick to go with great badging, tendencies, and length relative to his height/position. He was the highest rated rookie in MyTeam coming into the season and they definitely took the time to get his signature style down (pre the issue with the hitch in his shooting mechanics of course). Just watch his college or summer league mix tape and you’ll get an idea of what you can do with his diamond card with the ball in his hands.


How is his shot?

Great. Release is easy to time and he hits it off the dribble without difficulty.

Is it slow or faster?