Dr. J may be the best card ever

The numbers don’t lie. I have never used Julius in the game before, but I’m so happy I gave him a try. He’s literally destroying everything in his path- dropping 30 points per game, dunking from the free throw line, swatting shots, getting rebounds over bigs… He’s definitely better than PD Jordan and Kobe (I play him at SG). He’s so consistent he doesn’t even appear to be affected by momentum swings. Absolutely a must buy for everyone who can afford him.


Have you used pd pg? I pulled him last night and he has been a beast but I have a pair of white Curry’s with swb I could stick on J if I sold pg and got J.

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I’m using PG at PF right now. A great player, but Julius is still better. I bought one with the grey and yellow Kobes and these make him unfair. 99 swb, 99 speed and 99 ball control.

PG is the best wingman in the game for me,
he’s size iss crucial.
Also he dunks with fury.

Doesn’t try Dr J but I definitely will.
Sounds tempting if you saying he’s better than Kobe.

I am close to try out this PD DrJ and I own the 97 Diamond DrJ! :smile: I dont know if PD has better release/animations but I know that he has no plays which I do not like.

Damn I would feel stupid kind of since I paid about 700k for 97 diamond lol.

I wish I could help you with the comparison, but the card looks significantly better on paper.

These cards are ridiculous, looking like MonStars rather than humans… 99 Tmac, for instance, can’t be stopped, no matter who’s guarding him. Is Dr J even better?

Overall yes. The guy has zero weaknesses and although he’s not going to drop the half court shots as consistently, he will grab boards and play D at an elite level.

He’s BIN now on PS4. Just got him for a 100k. Got some decisions to make now on who to get rid of from the squad. I only run 10 guys. Any suggestions?

id prob slide pg to the starting 3. put durant as backup 4 and sell bird because u alrdy have alot of shooting.

That’s what I was thinkig too. Hard to part with bird. He has the grey orange Kobe and a contract and KD has he white Kobe with contract. Two of my most consistent players. I’ll probably give dr j a run in the preseason and see how I like him and go from there. Im fully expecting birds value to plummet once they release his locker code.

Yea give him a run and see how he is first. Curious though, why start kd over pg and tmac over kobe

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Haha it’s probably all habit and partially mental. I’ve used that diamond KD for a hundred games or so and know his release and plays so well, he’s usually my leading scorer. Couldn’t put him on bench. He has a 99 open 3 and 99 SWB with a shoe so he’s quick and never misses. Im a creature of habit I guess. I didn’t even want to upgrade to PD or the 98 when I had the MT to do so.

I just wanted less PD in starting lineup so I moved TMac to bench too. I tried starting 5 PD at one point and lost 4 of 5 games. I don’t want to blame equalizer but after switching some diamonds in starting lineup, I went 8-2 to finish season. Finished round 60 points from PD but I didn’t want Tiny Nate anyway. I’ll take the 8500 MT

Oh, the PD Dr. J is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the diamond. He might actually be the best card in the game. I have the gray/yellow Kobes on my 97 and Curry lows on my 99… The PD is just amazing. If you are familiar with the 97 and his animations, you’ll murder people with the PD.

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iight i feel you. ive had pd tmac and kd at one point and got rid of both of em. few months ago the 96 kd used to kill for me, i miss that card and may get it back.

Might have to pick this one up. I was trying to decide between Kahwi and Dr. J. but then I found a Kawhi with an open 3 Jordan shoe for 132k so I jumped on it.

Now it gets interesting. What you like exactly over the diamond?

The badging for starters… you’ll definitely notice all the extra HOF badges. His 3 ball is a lot more consistent too. The PD just doesn’t have any weaknesses. All of his stats are in the 90’s… it’s crazy.

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Damn I will hate myself if I cop him. You play him at SG? @kinsman

I play him at the 1&2. I like my SF’s a little taller than 6’6”.

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