Dr J is a monster

If y’all see him with 3pt and speed w ball shoes cheap don’t hesitate to grab him. I don’t see a lot of love for him but he’s amazing. He’s the total package, great release, dunk packages, defense, shooting and slashing. He’s only missing 3pt plays but he doesn’t need them he can get his regardless.


How’s the defense can he clamp

You wouldn’t happen to be auctioning this card? :sunglasses:

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He’s on Ps4

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For sure he won’t be abused and he gets the most offball steals of anybody I’ve ever used he’s Ed Reed out there lol

Lol he’s not going anywhere man. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on parting with Kawhi yet but if I do he’s taking that spot.

Definitely doesn’t get enough credit. Mainly bc his lack of plays but you can just spam iso 3 quick and iso 32 quick and dominate

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I wish he had 3 point plays cause mine has Curry’s, but there’s some mid range plays that can get you a nice look from 3. He has really nice dribble moves , that combined with the moving 3 boost & swb from Curry’s is sick.

And his jumper is so easyyy

What plays do you run for him?

I’m not on rn but I have been trying some with the nets playbook and wizards. I’ll get back to you.

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How to get Dr J? He is a monster in 2k 16 & 17.

Ones with the curry high tops seem to all be listed around 80k. I’ve seen three tonight. If I see one drop to 45-50k I’ll pounce all over it. Let’s hope we get a market crash tomorrow!! Woohoo lol


sitting on 70k looking for some nice snipes to flip tomorrow to move me up. lets pray for one lmao