Download stuck on 74%

Deleted and reinstalled my copy of 2k on my PS4, but it allows the tutorial but the copying game is just sitting there at 74%. Had the same issue last year with 2k20 and gave the game to a friend and it worked straight away for him. I bought digital copy. Everything else is fine, other games etc and tutorial plays as it should. Anyone else had this issue before? I’ve got my PS5 version I play a well but I’d like to still sort out the PS4 problem.

just restart your console and see if that works. I’m on Xbox and whenever a problem like that happens, I restart. It solves everything.

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I’ve just deleted it again and reinstalled it. Doing the copying now as it does but I’ve loaded straight into the game whilst it’s doing its background updates. See if that makes a difference. I have 200gB free on my storage so can’t see that being the problem either.

I’ve also turned console on and off few times now as well as ejected disk and mafe sure clean and no scratches.

Try resetting your console to factory settings but hit the option to keep games and content or whatever it says. At least if you’re on Xbox

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Every other game is fine.

I’ve had the same issue but it was stuck at 100%. Resetting the console was the only thing that fixed it

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All good finally. Stuck with it and went into tutorial whilst it was downloading updates in background and let it go

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I’m having the same issue with 2k22 what do I do? It’s just stuck on 71% copying and I’ve deleted and reinstalled and played through all of the tutorial. Still nothing

i tried everything and nothing worked until i re-downloaded the game so if nothing is working just uninstall and reinstall