Downgraded Durant ...Best Move I Ever Made

Got tired of the shitty diamond Durant and saw he was worth entirely to much. Sold
Mine and got the Amy with a shoe. Best move I’ve ever made. Now all of a sudden I can green his release. He dunks. He actually plays basketball. It’s amazing to know Durant can actually make open threes now

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Which shoe?

There’s a myth that some cards are broken. Happened to me in Madden 15 I believe. There was a 97 overall Dominique Rodgers Cromartie who was supposed to be one of the best corners in the game. I finally had enough coins and bought him and he was trash for like a month. I finally sell him and then like 2 weeks later I bought another one and he was night and day different. Picks all day. Absolute ball hawk. You had a broken Durant.

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Mine too,but mine is the sapphire,i liked the sapphire better than the diamond

C’mon man.


I feel like I’m getting punked. People fall back on the equalizer way too much.

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Dude i sold my diamond durant too. I got larry bird instead (and rondo at the time) larry is a far superior shooter for me. And i got a diamond dunking shoe when the game calls for it lol. I did run durants amy before i got the diamond and honestly didnt notice that much of a difference other than the fact that diamond durant can drain half courts. But when it comes down to it id rather him hit his wide open chances than make 1 or 2 fluky half courts a game. When i need a three and he misses wide opens its not okay lol

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That diamond Durant is trash. The amethyst performs just as good (for me he performs better)

I never take half court shots anyway.

I’ve noticed you like to call good cards “trash” lol

Shit bruh that Durant was trash for me. Missed EVERYTHING. He was legit a liability I had too stop using him

It’s a good card but for me it was broken. It worked well in friendlies but in supermax that dude was a brick. The Amy greens and just overall performs better for me.


Crazy to hear seeing his total attributes and the areas he has great stats should be the ones that matter most when it comes to gameplay. I personally purchased Tmac over Durant and never once regretted the choice. He hit a buzzer beater 3pt in multiplayer moments for me the other night. I have thought about trying to get Durant. Crazy to hear this feedback about the card. Maybe I’ll stay away. Just hard to believe looking at him on paper

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I had Amy Durant for a while before selling him to get diamond magic. He played well for me

Diamond Durant, for me, is one of the best cards in the game. I use the Amy for the multiplayer challenges and he’s way slower than the diamond. However, Ruby klay outscored everyone in all 4 games so there’s that lol

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Stay away. Amy is Just as good if not better tbh

Diamond kd has been money for me ever since i sold him and bought him right back. Maybe the first one was broken idk.

Really? Maybe I’ll buy one and try it out again. But mine was legit trash. Good lord was he trash

Mine has a shoe making him faster than the diamond

I have to admit my Diamond Durant has been very wonky for a couple weeks. I ended up sitting him over the weekend. Wide Open looks clanking left and right. I had a few games in a row where his line was 1 for 6/7. Since he is not a def stopper, he must be a scorer. I take no issue with a bad game for a card, I actually expect it. But when it happens 3+ in a row that seems odd. I spread my scoring across all 10 guys, but DUrant is one of the few I run a couple specific plays for. When he is off, I feel it a bit more.

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