Downgrade diamond LeBron to Amy and pick up Kobe?

Pulled packs for Kobe, but got magic. Was gonna sell him, but he’s a beast and probably won’t pull another PD all year lol so I’ma keep him. I also pulled diamon Bron.

Currently have about 105k n bout to start all time dom.

Should I sell Bron to grab Kobe?

Can get amy Bron and still run a Laker lineup except my power forward

Would go to

PD magic
Diamond Kobe
Amy Bron
Filler til worthy

Wait for prices to drop there’s also a promo coming out tmrw (prob high flyers). So there might even be a diamond eddie Jones, ya never know.

Promo confirmed for tmm?

Not confirmed

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But Kobe’s my guy lol

But should I sell bron? To get him?

Is there is a diamond Eddie Jones…I used him ever since he came out till the end in 2k18

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Any other input? lol

Replace amy lebron with amy shane batier ans grab diamond kobe if u really want him. But geeat choice in keeping magic. His price wont drop only rise. Kobes will drop, theres guna be more kobes released. This isnt his final form.

Wait why would there be a promo tomorrow

there was a section for high flyers in the binder that disappeared people were assuming were getting it tomorrow. I doubt it. They’ll milk money next week.

If they wanted to milk it, they’d do it this week.

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Black Friday + No school + No work. Easy $$.

Maybe that’s why they released magic on a Wednesday, instead of Friday.

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I dont expect anything this weekend. They got all the history cards loaded so they didnt have to do anything this weekend with codes etc.

I hope they do because I want to pick up kobe but I don’t remember them ever doing a big content drop followed by another two days later

I grabbed Kobe and honestly he isn’t worth the price I was pretty underwhelmed by him. Maybe on the right squad he would be amazing but lined up next to granger he quickly takes a back seat. Iggy can and will do the same job as Kobe for a fraction of the price

I just want to shoot mid range fade aways all day with him. He’s one of the only ones with HOF difficult shots besides ginobili that comes to my mind.