Double Vault Opens Today

Just saw there was an event so I decided to play a game with Invincible IT. Literally first vault was this

Hope your luck is even better than mine guys. 2nd vault opened too




Saw in another thread that someone posted a Jerry West on the auction house. Can one of you guys see if that’s possible?

On PC, anything is possible.

Dude said it was on Xbox. West’s card might be glitched?

I checked on PS4, it wouldn’t let me put him in auctions

Thanks man
Played 8 games. Got west and of course could not sell him.

Vault opened well over half the time. Also got a Diamond pack same game as west so odds could be a little better than usual.


Last night I got lucky and pulled a bunch of DM cards from the new pack and ended with 1.6 Mill.
But the reason was mainly because I got lucky from the vault .got the splash zone pack and pulled DM Michael Porter Jr.
These ones aren’t guranteed packs either!


So you got MPJ from one of the Vault packs? Wow

I also got GOAT Lebron too last night

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Damn son

Right before I left for work I pulled back to back AD Invincibles from the deluxe packs

Dang let me borrow your account.:joy:

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Can’t do that lol.
I spent a lot too this year and am gonna try to limit that next year.
Unfortunately I have a problem and need to fix that when it comes to buying packs with money


We in the same boat. I spent to much on this game and stop opening packs because I barely get what I want. I got dm Ben Simmons and I didnt pull anything good till invisible Giannis then after that I pull opals and below. So I just buy them off the auction. I picked up giat lebron and mj since it’s the last season plus I going to try to beat doms. Pray for me because am in current and it going to be super sweaty , even with good players.if it wasn’t for 2kgamers I wouldn’t have most of my team.

I was gonna spend on MLB when I started playing it but glad I didn’t . After playing MLB: The Show NMS for only 2 weeks I think I enjoy that NMS Grind so much that I wanna keep doing it tbh.

I cant say if I be money spent nba2k22 if they have good content.i just dont understand how 2k promote space jam but not have the outfits in the game like they did the allstar Jerseys.

Got him 1st game.


You all know how this goes, right?

80 vaults, no Jerry



Me too

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