Double promo this week?

Ill explain why I think this is gonna happen. Firstly VC just went on sale, not the clearest indicator but everyone will stock up on VC. The fact that all these packs are possible this week makes me believe we will get Tuesday and Friday double promo. Possible packs are as follows:

  1. 20th Anniversary Cards - now i know they leaked Kobe this morning… but last time they leaked MJ, those MJ packs didnt release till one promo later the following week… so this can be Kobe or KD or Bird tomorrow…(I doubt it will be lebron, they save the best till last)

Verdict: Most likely released tomorrow (Tuesday) We have kept schedule of promo 1st week, 20th anniversary 2nd week and this pattern has continued for a while now… will be no surprise this is done tomorrow.

  1. Valentine’s day packs - This week happens to be Valentine’s too… so we might see some of these packs this week.

Verdict: Maybe but not likely to be honest… just too much other promos this week… They may even release new dynamic duo cards as new moments in moments packs though…

  1. All star Weekend - The big one everyone is expecting with a few highlight cards like PD Vince or Dominique…

Verdict: Most likely released Friday part of this double promo week…(speculation)

  1. Moments PD PG13 - Now we all know PG13 just had a huge game 47 pts 12 reb 10 assists 2 steals. This will be 2k cash grab cos the rebounding/ passing/ 3pt/ steals all will be in the 90+… They know just by releasing this card with a few other moments, people will rip packs like a mad man…

Verdict: They could hold this man by releasing him on Tuesday OR Wednesday… either or, 2k cant ignore a 47 point triple double…

Well thats 4 major events that can happen this week… definitely smell at least 2 or 3 of these 4 things happening… What does everyone else think???


Most likely case is 20th anniversary tomorrow.

New throwback elites Thursday

All star moments Monday.

Maybe an all star set Friday. But I still see it as a low probability.

2K has been too unpredictable to forecast these things.


Agreed on the 20th anniversary tomorrow and the All Star moments, though maybe they drop those even before Monday. I do wonder if they’ll do Throwback Elites Thursday with a Valentine’s theme (Kevin Love, Bob Love, hopefully not Derrick Rose cuz ya know…rape allegations)

Throwback Elites on Thursday are unlikely. Look at the timer from the players, it still lasts over a week. Could be a mistake by 2K or we are getting something else for Valentine’s Day.


So it sounds like there is an anniversary player today

KD, Bird or Kobe, I will gladly take them lol

I assume it’s wrong. But it’s possible we don’t get it Thursday. We’re gonna lose our minds trying to figure these guys out.

As a Kobe fan, I really hope they wait… lol. I can’t afford this shit this week

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I believe they will change the players.

I never thought of throwback elites as a promo, but yeah they probably just messed up the timer… no one wants mcadoo to stay there for 2 weeks

Ok how bout this theory remember kibe 21hr like last day. So what if tues allstar for a week and kobe pack thur valentime day only last one day… allstar weekend content… make sense why tbt 10 days…

I think we’re in for a stacked week.

Tuesday: Kobe Anniversary packs

Wednesday: Moments card (most unlikely of these guesses but PG13’s triple double is gonna be hard for 2K to just ignore)

Thursday: New Throwback Elites. PD Nique, Diamond Millsap, and a Diamond Clippers player

Friday: All-Star Promo packs. I just find it very unlikely for 2K to not do an AS promo pack, it has been tradition since at least 2K15, for them to break the mold now would be surprising. They’ll just run it in conjunction with the Kobe packs and double the profits.

Weekend: All-Star weekend moments cards. Skills challenge winner, Rising Stars MVP, Dunk contest winner, 3 point contest winner, ASG MVP. These will likely be placed into the league packs instead of being a standalone promo set.

I think we’ll also be getting a couple of Moments Challenges for AS weekend. Maybe some Team Bron vs Team Giannis stuff, and then something like make X amount of 3s/dunks in a game and win. Again, these are all just my personal guesses

Nothing is too hard for 2K to ignore. It’s what they do best. Fans have ideas to make the game better? Ignore. Fans want Kobe on 81 pt anniversary? Ignore.

Tuesday, Friday, and weekend I agree with.

Am I the only one who’s scared that we ain’t going to get Kobe later because there’s no teaser tweeted by 2K

It must be all star set this week, how can they don’t drop ASG theme pack lol

If the new promo or anniversary packs today last for a week, I doubt that we will see ASG packs on Friday. Too many packs which compete with each other and the wallets of the payers.

There better be a moments PD pg13

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Im gonna say it… whew… i dont like Bird cards. idk why i just dont.

theres zero chance they dont take advantage of the all star game. theyve already put the all star lineups in the game. its nonsense to think they wont do a promo.

That wont matter… did u see when they did the week of super packs?? Every single person burned their wallets. 24 hrs super moments followed by 24 hrs super anniversary packs… They dont care… they know they can get people to spend

Whatever we get, I’ll take it

If it’s an anniversary card, I take

If it’s a signature series, I’ll take

If it’s all star set, it means there is a Vince in those, and I’ll take