Double Bars for Pure Sharp

Anyone know where you get double barred for a pure sharp, I’m 89 about to be 90. Just wondering how hard the grind will be

Shit grind starts at 90 bro

thats what i meant how hard the grind after 90 is for double bars

What do you mean by double bars?

When you fill up you cap breaker but it bumps up stats that dont increase your overall

I mean, that happens way before 89, no? At least on archetypes I played.

yeah, it happened to me on a few different overalls, just wondering what overalls past 90 it happens on

You get triple bar from 92-93

I know Sharpshooting Shot Creators get double capped. My friend is getting triple capped at 91

no double bars besides from that?

Not that I recall. Any bars before 90 is not hard but the triple bar sucks