Dont waste mT on PD Jordan

The card is garbage. Cool if you like Jordan (I guess), but it’s a slow version of Clyde who can’t handle the ball. Seriously pissed that I’ll lose the 11 or 12 k for instantly reposting this hot piece of trash.

Do. Not. Buy. (Unless you’re a fanboy)

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Pd Jordan hella good you’re tripping


Here he comes…

Top 3 SG in the game. People just falling for 2ks Opal Gimmick. This is the closest representation to what MJ was. No dimer or Hof Limitless badge.

If this was the main card hed be a 700k card and some people got that Opal for that much.


Fax no hof dimer is an L

Nobody paying 700k for this mj unless it’s December

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PD is a much worse post defender and can’t be the point guard due to low playmaking stats and badges.

People were just paying for 700k for the Anni before the Opal came out and hes nowhere near this MJ even with shoes lol.

100k is maybe the best value of the year. Only reason he doesn’t cost more is because of the Opal. Im buying the Opal but I have the PD and hes unreal in the right hands.

Shit his defense alone is the best Ive used all year.


What? I just post spin their point and pass put of doubles. 95% of the people I play can’t stop it.


The anniversary hasnt been in packs sincr december(?) and had a shit drop rate and is needed for 3000 tokens. Hes a mere collectible. This jordan isnt better than bird or kd

So what I’m reading is your basing this on stats and previous pricing the reason for the high price of the anni is bc people need it to complete the 3k tokens also have u actually tried out the 98 mj I have played with both and opal is much much better not just stats wise but animations and for some reason constancy as well

Better than KD or Bird and I have both maybe not. But its the best version of MJ thats not an Opal. For 100k cant beat it.

I love every single jordan animation but im taking birds clamps dribble moves and the fact that all he has to do is cross half court and he can score. Kd aswell minus the defense but his size helps alot.

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Im saying for 100k its basically the best card you can buy.

I have the PD with baby blues and hes a beast. Plays like real life MJ. Im getting the Opal to run at PG but other than that Id be fine with this one.

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Perfect 2 guard can gaurd 1 to 3

He shoots like he has max 3 and plays some of the best defense in the game. I understand why they’d like other cards better but if you’re saying PD mj is bad then you’re just wrong.

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Heres how to utilize MJ

Sell him

Buy giannis

Put giannis at PG


I personally disagree but it’s probably bc that mj doesn’t fit my play style as well there are other options for 100k that are better

Yeah Ive went off with way worse SGs. I think its placebo. The Opal lingering over peoples heads has them thinking its a bad card.

Its a top 3 SG in game right now. The other 2 are the Limited and Unlimited MJ lol.


Learn to read.