Don't sleep on Moses

This card is absolute BEAST.

Sweet sweet release.
The dude SNAGS, what can i say, best rebounder i’ve used and puts Drob into hall of shame when it comes to rebounds
260 pounds i play him at PF and he just murders people on low block.
Can handle the ball
Absolute lock down D. HoF pick pocket helps a lot. He gets TONS of steals, be it on ball/ofball or pass interceptions its like his all over the place locking down everyone.

You can get this card for very low, as low as 150k or less. Give him a try out and see where it goes.


Yao v. Moses. Have some auctions ending in a bit and thinking about upgrading from Ayton. Diamond drob on my bench. Had the opal. Wasnt using him enough to where I needed the upgrade. Diamond is plenty solid for my squad.

Edit…how would you compare his ball handling to Boogie?

Would you run him over opal Karl Malone? I have opal Malone and no room for Moses unless he’s way better.

Unless you handle the ball with Malone a lot i’d say Moses is quite better. I mean you can always try to buy him on low and if you don’t like it sell it back.



I agree, Knezius. Hes an amazing card. I used him in the steph curry 47 point moments challenge over every other opal in the game since i have them all. Dude is a snagger, lockdown D, hof pickpocket, 100 block and contest tendency while having 0 foul and hard foul tendency. One of the best post games 99/99/99. Very comparable to mchale in all i said but hes 50 lbs heavier. Smooooooth ass release, BEAST CARD


Solid jumper?

Ps…can you just tell me who your avatar is? :grimacing:

Silky smooth release bro.

Lets just say all you need is to see moses’ jumpshot once, just really feel it once, and thats all you need to prefer his jumping, his sinking balls left and right over my avatar jumping, sinking balls left and right.

Her name is Lindsey Pelas and she’ll turn a gay man straight. But Moses, well, Moses will turn a straight man gay.


Price on XB currently? I had him & sold…want to get him back asap

Moses v cowens, what’s the move? Both seem incredibly good and also very similar


Around 180k. I see that one with contract ended for 176k thought. He will be cheaper once US folks :sleeping:


Moses no doubt. His defense and rebounding is just OFF THE CHARTS. Dude literally can run to 3 point line to snag rebounds.

C Webb

Sweet Mother of Rage Quits

I cant let go of Webber. He’s too good for me.

Love at first bounce

Hits clutch shots for me in runch time as well!!! He’s my PG in TTO with D Rob and Yao.

I feel like with Yao/Kareem/Drob this card does NOT get enough love, but if you haven’t tried him out its a shame, because this card is just W all around.

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Btw cp3x is the call for me. I’m sure Kobe ad mid is nice as well

Bough him back today for 196k with contract/badges/white kobes 196k :partying_face:

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