Dont buy 2k23!

Its trash like every years game they release. IT will screeeeeeew you online with dictated games and bullshit animations. If you like to compete, find a better game, this one will hurt you more then make you happy. You want happiness, don’t spend money on this game, wait for it to be cheap or free. Don’t believe in the game as it ends up playing you. It makes you think your playing and in control, but your being played by the game.

After 22 straight years (since the very first one on my Sega Dreamcast) of buying and playing an NBA 2k game, i am going to skip 2k23.

I’ve finally grown tired of the repetitiveness of it, lol. It’s a never ending cycle of doing the exact same thing over and over again, starting from zero.

Sports games shouldn’t have annual releases, they should just be updated or something. It becomes so boring and tedious, doing the same thing every single year.


well, the fact that someone has bought it for 22 straight years actually shows that the yearly release formula works quite well :joy::joy::joy:


LOL, touche. Though tbh, it was more like a habit. My actual playing time has been declining for the last few years.


playing park stays entertaining the whole year for me and is honestly the only reason i continue to buy the game. myteam pisses me off to much if it were the main mode i wouldnt eve play 2k.