Dont back out of an MTU search

Just caught a loss from hitting B on Xbox to back out of the search screen.

I was 6-0 lmao…thanks 2K.


That’s some bs, I’ve never had anything like this happen to me.

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It’s happened before but it’s really rare, I guess maybe it’s when one backs out the same moment the games about to match you up or something

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It is rare I think, but if you are 11-0 Id sit there until a game loads.

Next game I get up by 20 pretty quickly and the guy quits. Proceeds to tell me he is going to Jizz on my Grandmothers grave amongst other things.

What a great experience haha.

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Really :joy:

Yup…after I declined his party invite.

I bet that would have been a fun conversation.

So how long before you ragesell your team again?

You mean auction for nothing or quicksell?

The one where you get pissed off

They arent really rage sells…more like I am a grown man wtf am I doing with my life playing 2K20 sell offs.

Probably after I get Rice though.

Happened to me last year in a similar situation. Sucks bro, I’m sorry to hear that happened to you.

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Had a similar situation earlier. I actually joined and he was being toxic so I invited my friends to the party and we fought back haha. Pretty hilarious.

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What do you even say to that?

Im sorry I beat you…please forgive me for not letting you win. I am sorry for breathing.

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Something like that haha.

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Had that situation 2 years ago, got a video of it and submitted to support and got a whole 5k mt and a league pack

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