Donovan Mitchell

First time I ever grinded since I’m having the flu… wasn’t fun but here he is


I’m a bit over half way there. It isn’t that crazy of a grind actually. Domination for Mitchell’s dd’s and steals, tt off for threes and steals.

But for me it’s crazy :pensive:

Is he worth the grind?

Ratings look nice, about to play with him now

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For now, he’s one of the best players available at PG. He will obviously be outdated soon but he looks better than some of the lock-in PDs.

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Let us know how he feels in game

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He’s a KILLA

Yes he is crazy good and his shot is faster that Steph’s…

I just noticed I have newly formed blisters on my thumb from completing this grind :rofl:

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See @H4rd3n it IS a grind!!!

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Lol. Idk man, I feel like if I can get 6hrs in over the weekend, I’ll have it done.

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The Don is home.

9 hours!

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Lol I didn’t play the whole time. Got him in about 2-3 hours.

Nah bro be honest, it took you 3 games at max

Tf are you on man? I was over half way there and then played about 3 more hours to get it done. What did I say wrong?

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Nothing bro it’s just fun

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Hi guys, only 19 steals from Mitchell … took a long time to grind…Hope finish soon!!!


How much time is left to get him?