Don’t let me spend my Tokens

I keep telling myself these rewards aren’t going anywhere, but just saw rashard getting up around 700. Worry about the market the later in this cycle it gets. Instant mt or something possibly nice in the future for no mt.

I’ve got my eye on Magic to duo with Kareem. Can’t help but be curious about Yao, but I do have Shaq. Can’t replace him, being one of my all time favorites.

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Glitch TMac would be nice too but he’d have to replace Kawhi or rewards DWade

Sorry didn’t see this. I’m at about 700k right now.

That’s my team. Though I’ve moved giannis to PF and lebron to SF. Inserted dwade to starting 2. Malone over Davis at the bench 4.

:rofl: do u really need that 900k now? or is it worth holding out at least a day for 1 GOAT card you could (edit: POTENTIALLY) get

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wait, there’s goat card in token market?? :sweat_smile:

I’m gonna hold out for now. Just get antsy sometimes with how close I am to Magic.

I doubt they’ll drop anything big after just dropping giannis and Yao today though. Fear it could be a week or so.

That’s nice, homie. I got Wiseman, Rashard, Wiseman the other day. :pensive:

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edited my bad

Felt it was about damn time I got some good luck on this game. Sucks to hear you got Wiseman 2/3 though man. That’s what I assumed a best case for me was but hit the jackpot


It’s cool because 2K made it up to me today. Lol

great luck you had there. i ripped 4 packs pulled 2 lewis’, giannis and wiseman

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Lewis seems like the W, at least right now. Who knows changes by the day

thats why i didnt wait it out any longer to maximise the return

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hold wait for the goat packs 2k tokens

I agree with that but if they drop them 2 weeks before 2k21 then what’s the point?

well if youre going to jump straight to 2k21 then theres no point in waiting might as well open the packs.

If GOATS are auctionable like these then they’ll be much cheaper on the AH eventually anyway.

I open both of my and got Giannis/ Rashard
Rashard sold for 700k
Giannis sold for 550 :grin:

Still sitting on my 2200 gonna wait until Tuesday probably