Don’t let me spend my Tokens

Tell me why lol

Rashards price is climbing on the Xbox.


Spend them! I spent 2000 tokens and got giannis and wiseman. That’s 900k

I’m just trying to imagine what they could drop even early next week for tokens that would piss me off.

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whats ur team looking like? do u need 900k right now?


Goat Yao is coming to the token market VERY soon. Hold onto them.

-Yao Ming


It would be an honor to receive your card sir

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im v curious if youre chinese or if youre a troll yao :rofl:

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I got three and got two giannis and one Lewis

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A goat Duncan is maybe the only name left that would piss me off. Don’t care much for a Lebron or Durant or Westbrook… that’s all that would be left right?

So I should do it right?! Lol

Get two Wisemans and punch mysef

They could update it tomorrow morning. Wait it out until tomorrow afternoon to be sure

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Maybe goat Oscar and Bill Russel but idk at this point I wanted the chance at all that mt

I finally gave in and I managed to pull LeBron and Giannis. Took them to shoot around and felt like a made the right decision.

Giannis is now never leaving starting PF and LeBron is on the auction block to fund my KD hunt.

Worth it

I said fuck it too. Just dropped 4k tokens. 2x Rashard and 2x Giannis. Winner winner.


hold the W.

no wiseman pull is amazing

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Was expecting 4x Wiseman so fucking stoked right now.



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Wait until at least Tuesday

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