Don’t buy mt on - scam alert

I purchased a week ago mt from this site. No delivery after a week! No reply fro support besides some bs after 15 minutes of waiting everytime
That the site:

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Yeh they ain’t even selling anymore. Was told to take mt ads down and shit.

I’d just get a refund. If not back Pay it on PayPal or whatever card u used

Damn I was literally just about to get on there. They’ve always been great with me, but I guess times have changed. Thank you for posting this!

Yah totally annoying. I used them a few times last year and no problems but once they had a small problem u see how bad the service / customer support is really is.

Used them yesterday and they delivered within 30 min but I guess you can never trust them fully. Any other suggestions? For MT purchasing sites I mean.

I bought some mt yesterday from safenbamt. Delivery took about an hour but got all my mt.