Dominique Wilkins (current).... unreal tactical downgrade (or upgrade)?

Is it just me or is The human highlight reel going super under the radar?

Hear me our, the man is a top wing defender in the game, anyone who’s run him knows what I mean. His shot might be a bit unorthodox but any shot that’s fast can be worked with and this dude has a clean fast jump or even its not named base 98. Not here saying he’s got the best jumper in the game but it’s definitely usable and can easily catch fire.
Not to mention he’s my main ball handler when him and Lonzo/Magic play together. He’s automatically placed on the best offensive player (generally the PG, dude has stopping power).

Idk why no ones talking about him considering he’s a 100k and 50% less then Vince yet there is no comparison between the two players. Give me Wilkins all day. I watched Tys reaction video to DBGs SG list and felt he said exactly how I felt when I was watching his tier list and figured I’d throw it out into the community to see what you guys thought, for a while I thought I was nuts but then again mine has a bunch of extra HOF so I thought I could possibly be that. While they do make a difference I played with the base card the other day and that card is still a lead on both ends of the floor .


I would say because the sg and sf positions are often used to play all the same way… solid defense and shoot wide open shots so cards like sealy, wiggins, iggy, pippen, dumas as a sf and other cards that are cheaper do the same thing (3&d players)

Being his jumper is not that good to me, I can see how he’s 100k but he’s a great card

Human highlight film :movie_camera: is a mainstay on my roster.

But do they? I hated Scottie like hated, I think outside 2 inches (1 for most cards) 6’7 is considered small nowadays even tho this he’s not. That said, he plays as my primary when he’s on the court. That has to add a demensjon to his game. He’s Also a better defender then any PG In the game. He allows me to run let’s say Halliburton and switch him to guard the SG or even SF depending on who it is. Iggy is a perfect example of a card I’d switch the matchup with. He’s also got such a quick release it makes him better then good off the catch snd shot as well as the dribble. Idk I just think The guys you mentioned are not in the same class asDominique honestly, if used the way I’m depicting.

That’s what I’m saying bro don’t you feel he’s a steal for a 100k? Did you ever have VC? I feel like he’s a class above a guy like that.

I picked mine up with a bunch of extra hofs for like 125k or less even… one green machine which makes a massive difference, god tier “budget” card lol

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Nique is also a great rebounder but his ability to posterize anyone in the half court makes him a favorite.

Foreal, I can’t say enough good things about him. Not a useless badge on the guy also (hof range is unreal with his fast release off the quick stop)

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He is really good. I’m use to his release way back to PD days together with my reward PD Doctor J. The only thing about him is his not so good behind the back, and lots of players SG/SF now which are taller and can shoot as well.

Scored one with hof hot zone hunter and hof stop and go and a diamond contract Sunday sold mine ended up paying 57k for him.

Just picked one up with HOF rim protector added for 100k … the market is freezing on me which is bizarre. Might have got a nice bid snipe