Domination token question?

How many tokens do fantasy and all time give total ? I’m contemplating slaving through it only if it gets me somewhere into the diamond market for melo (I’ve unlocked 3 amys in the token market and only have 6 rn)

fantasy (143), and all time (178)


So that’s like 3-4 cards into diamond market right ?

It depends where you are rn. Do you have anything?

Ya I have dirk , Marbury, and tomjonavich from the amy market

And I’ve only locked like 5 throwback collections idk why

Oh yeah, then you’re good to reach Diamond. 210 for 7 more amys, that leaves an extra 111, I believe, so just shy of the second diamond.

Ok cool so from there , how much Mt u think it takes to get to PD, I’m tryna see if this plunge is worth it haha

Uh, so you’ll be like, 480 tokens shy of reaching the market and if you count the first player, 630. I dunno how many currents/hcs you have locked, but those will probably get driven down when the big moments batch drops.

I wouldn’t be able to put an exact number on it till then, but at LEAST a couple hundred k, easily.

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400-500k ?

Yeah, I could see it. It’s all going to come down to how much some of the expensive cards go down to. I’ve seen people just throw expensive silvers up during big rushes, so be on the lookout for those.

I have no currents or hc sets either

Have you done offline triple threat? That’s like another 35 fairly quickly/easily to factor in.

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Ya I did that, the more n more I hear it the more it sounds like it’s not worth it hahah

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