Domination questions

Sooooo im thinking about making a run for pd tim duncan and need some advice. I currently am in the diamond market. Have baron and melo. Have 52 tokens so close to my third. Ive only played like 3 domination games. I read somewhere that if u do all of domination you get 419 tokens? Is this correct ? This would be enough to basically get all the diamonds so then is it 150 or 250 for the pd ? Whats my best course of action ? I still need to do all time TT offline too. And havent really touched weekly or schedule challenges. Trying to do it without locking in anymore sets.
I guess im wondering how long it takes to finish domination lol

that 419 was from that starter thread i was asking in when i first came back

someone else pointed out tt offline is 2ok and 30 more tokens. weeklys i think were up to 51

If you do it all, you should just about make it to the PD market. It’s about a half hour or so per game, and 99 games. It takes some time.

If you’re good at TT, then playing TT Online might be the most efficient way.

But I think, if you can plow through Domination, there’s no more bountiful way to gather up Tokens in a guaranteed manner, without looking Collections.

Its always seemed like a drag. But i dont wanna wait that long for a good tim duncan

99 games at 30 mins seems like a lot lol. 50 hours. I guess thats like 33 days if i run 6 games each day. And win each one lol

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Domination is definitely the most efficient guaranteed way. It sucks to do but it is a must

Seems about right. I don’t think I finished all Dom’s until around end of last month.

Lets say i run dom with a full dia contract squad how much mt is there to be had ? Another reason i wanna do it is the free mt lol

Wrong person to ask for this one. I really dont know. Id say its 200k MT roughly if i had to guess

Id multiply how many games you got left x 1000-1200 which seems to be roughly the avg of what u get from a dom game

Are you watching this Shump vs Tjay match?

Im not can you post link, im trying to wrap things up at work. would like to watch tho!

wow hes let up 114 points. Shump is overatedddd. I cant say it enough man

Tjay is something. Our boy @Luckershot better watch out.

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Do they play d ??? Lol

The best defense in this game is a great offense tbh

Look at neweditionflash. Literally uses 4 base 11 shooters around wilt lmao. Cheese lmaoooooo

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And AK at pg

How much did tjay beat him by?